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Help & Info about POF Free Dating App for android

  • What is POF Free Dating App for Android?

    POF is a free dating service and application that matches users up with potential mates and helps them meet new and exciting people. POF stands for Plenty of Fish. Users can use the service through an application on their smartphone, mobile device or desktop computer. By setting up a profile and including information about yourself, including likes and hobbies, POF finds others users near you who are looking for the same.
  • Is POF Free Dating App for Android free?

    Yes, Plenty of Fish is free to download and use. Because of this, POF relies on ads to generate revenue. This is a trade-off for free service, though some users may find the ads to be intrusive, distracting or not relevant.
  • Is POF Free Dating App for Android safe?

    POfF generally safe to use. As far as software is concerned, it is safe to download and install POF without fear of malware or adware. As for use of the service, users should remember that it’s never a good idea to share personal or detailed information with users they don’t fully trust.
  • What platforms is POF Free Dating App available on?

    In addition to Android, POF is available on iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad. It can also be used on desktop and laptop computers, whether Mac or Windows, through the use of a browser. All that is required of users is they log in online.
  • What permissions does POF Free Dating App require?

    For the mobile version of POF, including Android and iOS, the application may ask for permission to send push notifications. This is required to notify users of matches and when they receive messages from potential dates.
  • Does POF Free Dating App work on both mobile and desktop devices?

    Yes, Plenty of Fish can be used on both mobile and desktop devices, either through the use of the official app or by logging into the official site on a web browser.
  • Do I need an account to use POF Free Dating App?

    Yes, POF requires account creation in order to use its service. This acts to somewhat verify users and provides POF with contact information should they need to contact users.
  • How does POF Free Dating App determine matches?

    POF determines matches through a number of means. One of these is by location. Matches will first be narrowed down by proximity to users, followed by likes and interests.
  • What’s new in the last version of POF Free Dating App?

    The latest version of POF Free Dating App for Android includes an update to its user interface. It also includes a new feature called Spark, which allows users to quote someone’s profile in order to start a conversation.
  • How often is POF Free Dating App for Android updated?

    Plenty of Fish is updated regularly. Due to its popularity as a dating service, it is constantly receiving updates and maintenance to fix bug issues and improve its overall performance and intuitiveness.


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